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Welcome to our company


we are medium scale sponge lron and steel manufacture's an lso 9001-2000 certified company, operating 2x50TPD,2x100 TPD sponge lron Kiln and Steel Melting Shop (sMS) of 2 x 12 MT Capacity lnduction Furnace. our Plant is located at Tehsil-Bilha, District-Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh State.

Our company "Mangal Sponge & Steel Pvt Ltd. Was constituted as per The Companies Act 1956 and registered with Ministry of Commerce & lndustry, Govt. of lndia. Secretariat of lndustrial Assistance vide registration No.614 UslA/lwo/2006 for manufacturing of Following ltems:-

  • Sponge lron - 150000 MT/Annum
  • M.S.Alloy Steel tngots/Billets - 100000 MT/Annum
  • Beams, channels, Angle, Rounds, Beams and other Re-Rolled products _ 60000 MT/Annum.

We started with single Sponge lron Kiln of 1 X 50 TPD on 15.02.2004 and expanded to additional 50 TPD, 2 X 100 TPD Sponge Iron Kilns and SMS of 2X12 MT Induction Furnace with continuous Casting Machine within 06 years.

Future Outlook

Expanding to New Horizons.   MSSPL firmly believes that CHANGE is the only constant in life and endeavors to continuously upgrade its existing technologies, embrace new ideas, motivate its personnei and uplift the living standards of those around its plants.

  • SMS of 2X12 Ton Induction Furnace restarted on 23.06.2018.
  • The following projects are in Pipeline:-
    • 8 MW Power Plant (4 WHRB + 4 AFBC) in erection stage.
    • 12 Ton Induction Furnace civil work completed.
    • Private Rly Siding. DPR, ESP & RTC approved. SIP and Land acquisition is in progress.

Sustainability: -The following measures have been undertaken for sustainability.

  • Green Belt developed around the plant premises containing 80000 trees. Plantation of around 2000 saplings every year.
  • Rain Water harvesting pond near factory for recharging of ground water.
  • Installed separate ESP and Bag filters for every kiln for Pollution Control.
  • Regular Water sprinkling on roads by water tanker to control fugitive emission.
  • Applying innovative methods for Environment Management like installation of water sprinkler on conveyor belts to suppress fugitive emission and cool the atmosphere.
  • Reducing carbon footprint by using energy efficient equipments like LED.
  • Organizing of Environmental Conservation Programmes like World Environment Day, International Day for preservation of ozone layer to educate employees and masses about Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of United Nations Environment Programme and that by making few small lifestyle changes every individual can make exponential impact when 7 million peoples of World take a step towards environment conservation.
  • Resolution is adopted every year on the theme of World Environment Day developed by United Nations Environment Programme.
  • Activities organized on World Environment Day are registered on UNEP Website and published in print media, displayed on notice board to develop awareness.